Langford is located in the Western Communities (Westshore) of Victoria on Southern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Recent Additions

Semi-rural lands and farms are being taken over by housing subdivisions

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Green Langford is for those who envision a solid part of the Langford economy coming from sustainable, local food and agricultural production, value-added products and related spin offs, eco-tourism businesses, cottage industries and a range of other long term,  stable, real green jobs within city limits.

Throughout history, our part of the island has been blessed with a rich, diverse, self-sustaining eco-system, better than almost anywhere else on earth with it’s old-growth forest,  lakes, regional and provincial parks, agricultural land, ocean,  and a better climate than most of the island and all the rest of the country.

The nearby Saanich Peninsula and most notably, the Cowichan Valley, are the destination for tourists (including Langford residents) seeking a first class local food or unique retail / wholesale experience. Langford could be a destination too.

Green Langford is for anyone with experience, leadership, vision, land, physical or other assets / skills, who wish to work toward this vision in any way, shape or form. The diversity of the city green and blue spaces allows for a great diversity of groups, non-profits and NGO’s to flourish. Nothing will get done without an organized effort of committed and involved citizens.

All residents could support a prestigious, green, eco-food tourism leader instead of always being a community divided. Langford has all the amenities needed to accommodate and host any world class event that would draw food security advocates, researchers and tourists from around the province, country and world to showcase our achievements.

Time is running out and it is urgent we come together and begin to create and market a new vision of  Langford.

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