Langford Fault Lines

Multiple fault lines throughout most areas of the city show Langford to be one of the most vulnerable places in the region, and why modest growth, food security and careful planning should play a pivotal role in Langford. It appears to be a potential epicentre if a large earthquake struck the region some day, and in one fell swoop, access to both Nanaimo and Victoria could be cut off. Citizens can be more aware of potential natural threats, and prepare their homes or plan where they want to buy accordingly.



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A thrust fault is a special kind of reverse fault where one or more plates are under the ocean. At a thrust fault, a plate below the sea is moving under another plate, thrusting its edge upward. The process of one plate diving under the other is called subduction. Thrust faults can produce larger earthquakes than strike-slip faults. The fault that caused the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami in December 2004 was this sort of fault.